Pooja Essentials for Hindu Wedding Ceremony

January 1, 1970

Buy Exclusive Pooja Essentials That Will Bring Auspice to Your Beautiful Ceremony

Pooja is the only way to show dedication, devotion, and respect towards the Lord. Hence, it is necessary to make every Pooja memorable and complete with the perfect set of Pooja Essentials, available online at Lovely Wedding Mall.

Right from Ganesh Chaturthi, Lakshmi Puja, daily puja to Housewarming, Wedding, Diwali, Karwa Chauth or any other occasions, every pooja item carries a special significance.

Online shopping saves you the time and trouble of going to the store and finding all essential Pooja samagri and pooja accessories in the store.

Buy Pooja Samagri Online

Pooja helps us to purify the house, spread positivity and get rid of negativity from home. It is also a way to ask the Lord to showering his blessings on us. If you conduct any Pooja in the coming months or year, we recommend buying Pooja essentials from Lovely Wedding Mall.

Catering to all your puja needs, here are some of the impeccably designed and stunning items that not only enhance your interiors but are also ideal gifting options.

So, don't go running around from pillar to post to get all your pooja items; just sit back, relax and buy pooja essentials from Lovely Wedding Mall from the comfort of your home and have it delivered to your doorstep at the earliest.

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Marriage Vidhi Kit

Lovely Wedding Mall Marriage, Vidhi Kit with diamond and stone, covers all things that the Bride’s and Groom’s family need in mandap vidhi.

Our vidhi kit consists of Atarpat, Pokhana, Mandavo Ropavanu Kundu, Manek Stambh, Vasani Soti, Mindhod, Mindhod Rumal, Ganeshji - Riddhi - Siddhi, Samaiyu, Supadu, Puja Thali, Shreefal, Puja Loti, Khesh, Chundadi, Hastmelap Rumal, Pithi Bowl & much more as per choice.


Lovely Wedding Mall antarpat is an auspicious cloth held between the bride and groom before the bride walks into the Mandap at this point the two souls become one and at this moment their journey begins. 

Designs like Ganesha, Dulha Dulhan, Kalash & Swastik Print on Antarpats are used in Marriage ceremonies.

It is made from cotton or silk. And to serve our customers with something new we have options available for Customized antarpat which includes the Name prints of the bride & groom on the Antarpat along with the date of their Wedding Day.

Marwadi Pooja Essentials

A devotee of the almighty, that power, the Gods and Goddesses, will aim to shop for the perfect combination to make their puja complete. 

We recommend uniquely designed products to make Pooja essentials easily available for you. You can check out our exclusive range of Marwadi Pooja Essentials like Batisi Theli, Kamarpata Set for Both Bride and Groom, Fumri, Marwadi Wedding Maordh, Bhua Aarti and many more offerings with a range of options to choose. 


This is a unique miniature Doli in wooden material with golden finish made of superior quality pinewood.

The quality of materials used is very good and is used for decorative purposes, very beautifully made and painted in bright colors to give a vibrant look. 

Haldi Bowl and Thali

An Indian wedding is never complete without haldi. In the same way use of our yellow haldi bowl and thali can be seen across the many aspects of an Indian wedding and in every ritual.

One of the most important rituals that mark the beginning of any Indian wedding is the haldi ceremony, where a paste made of haldi is applied to the bride and groom by the family members, kick starting the wedding process.


A varmala is an Indian wedding garland symbolic of the famous marriage ceremony. Following regional traditions, the varmala might be made of rose flowers and other ceremonial stuff decorating it.

They lead a productive life of work, service and enjoyment, fulfilling various duties and obligations towards themselves, their families, and society.


In Hinduism, Tilaka is a mark worn generally on the forehead as a symbol of good fortune and faith. The paste of kumkuma, sandalwood, or sacred ash from fire sacrifices are kept inside kankavati.

We have a beautiful collection of Kankavati online. It includes designer, traditional, creative, fancy, and metallic kankavaties you can choose from.

Decorative Kundu and Coconut

At Lovely Wedding Mall, we believe that the decor and the looks of the venue are integral to the success of your event, and we are delighted to have an opportunity to serve you with Decorative Kundu and Coconut and make your aspirations come true.

We use skilled professionals to create the appearance and feel that can complement your wedding ideas or theme.

Saptpadi Sopari

The Saptpadi Sopari is an integral part of the daily or ritualistic Pooja. It is also popularly used in the age old-custom of Indian eating.

The supari is symbolic of the nut of the ego that must be offered on the altar of God. Betel nuts are believed to increase prosperity, and they are tied to the bridegroom's clothes.

Designer Saptpadi Sopari covered it with Red, Green, Yellow thread. It serves as an ideal offering to the deities.

Hast Melap Cloth

Hast Melap Cloth has the most royal appearance and timeless charm in the wedding. It is placed on the bride and groom's hand during the wedding puja ritual. Lovely Wedding Mall prime objective is to provide a seamless shopping experience to its customers.

Aarti Thali

Aarti Thali is a necessity for every Pooja. We bring you decorative aarti thali sets, which come with other goodies.

Our online site offers you the convenience of shopping for pooja thali sets and more at your leisure.

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Have fun looking at decorative pooja essentials in different shapes and sizes to choose the one that you think is the prettiest. You can even have a look at the range of pooja thalis that will look very sophisticated as it holds all your pooja items.

You surely are going to be amazed at the variety that you are going to find when shopping for pooja essentials online. And with your Pooja just a few days away, you are surely going to be too busy to be visiting stores for a new pooja thali set.

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